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About me

I have been composing and playing music for many years, and have a good grounding in music theory and musicianship.

I can cater to virtually any genre, and have experience working with clients more and less familiar with musical terminology, to fully realise their vision as desired.

I love the pure sound of practical musical instruments, sharing human emotion with the audience through the bare honesty and intimacy of strings, air, and beaters.

My story

Growing up

I started playing music from a young age, starting with the drum kit before starting piano lessons at the age of nine.

I quickly developed a love of music and instruments, and grew out to others including the saxophone and piano accordion among others.


But it was in mid secondary school when I started to really enjoy composing new things, new pieces of my own that I could play and show to others. So I began developing my composition, composing new and arranging existing pieces intended for my music friends at school, but more often for the school bands.


From there, I studied GCSE and A-Level music at school, in which I achieved an A* at GCSE and an A at A-Level, with an A* in the composition element of the course.

At University level I decided to take a break from studying music to pursue some of my other interests academically, while keeping music more as a hobby.

For my Masters degree, however, I studied a course involving film and film making, which gave me a chance to begin properly composing again for the films we made for the course.

Commission work

Alongside this, I have also worked with other clients to develop music for their films. Much of this music is showcased in my portfolio.

Midi keyboard detail
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