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Voiceover & Narration

From narration and voiceover to guided meditations, I enjoy providing voice services as well as my other offerings.

Listen to my growing portfolio below!

Insight Timer Guided Meditations

On my teacher profile on the Insight Timer mindfulness app I regularly upload guided meditations that I write and record myself.

Nature Meditation Sample

Fullchrome Afterburn Audiobook excerpt

Fullchrome Afterburn Sampleaup3

To help a friend with her MA Course assignment, I agreed to narrate for her audiobook recording of an excerpt from Drew Bryenton's book Fullchrome Afterburn.

The recording also features the voice of Sophie Flesher, and was directed, produced and mastered by Grace Gilbert.


All rights to the text belong to Drew Bryenton. 

Matinée Multilingual Test Scripts

During a two-day work experience placement with Matinée Multilingual, a voiceover and localisation agency based in Reading, UK, I was able to record some voiceover tracks from their test scripts.

This included an introduction for an e-learning course, a telephone Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) list for a health and fitness club, and instructions on replacing the capsule for an air purifier.


Please note these were all test scripts concerning fictional organisations, and were not real commissions!

Education Video Intro - E-Learning
The Herculean – IVR
Air Purifier – Instructional
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