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Bethan Soar, Director The Party's Not Over


Chris was wonderful to work with, very accommodating to our needs and very approachable at all times. There was a real sense of collaboration in his approach to his work which made the entire process easy and enjoyable.

Filmography and Credits

False Colour (Film, 2022) – Composer & Sound Designer

Azadi (Film, 2022) – Composer & Sound Designer

MACE International Film Festival Jingle (Music, 2023) – Composer & Saxophonist

Macbeth (Play, 2023) – Composer & On-stage Instrumentalist

The Scars We Leave Behind (Film, 2023) – Composer

Expectations (Film, 2023) – Composer

Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart (Film, 2023) – Director, Music Supervisor, Clarinettist & Sound Designer

Cup O’ Joe (Film, 2023) – Music Supervisor, Sound Designer, Foley Artist & Voice Actor

Last Day in Munera (Film, 2023) – Composer

The Siren’s Song (Film, 2023) – Composer

Killer Queen (Film, 2024) – Composer & Foley Artist

The Party’s Not Over (Film, 2024) – Composer & Foley Artist

Much Ado About Nothing (Play, 2024) – Sound Technician

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