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A student project I worked on for my Masters course.

I scored the film and made the soundtrack all from scratch, with the intention of showing time marching on in the ordered chaos of human society.

The film is about one woman's journey through an oppressive society she had no choice to join, and is inspired by contemporaneous events in Iran with the protests about Hijab and an overbearing state.

'Azadi' is a Farsi word meaning 'freedom.'

The Scars You Leave Behind

Another student project I scored for some undergraduates.


Music was only needed around the key narrative points in the film, which you see in this short supercut video.

The full film can be viewed here:

Soundtrack Cologne 20 European Talent Competition

I wrote this piece as my entry to the Soundtrack Cologne 20 European Talent Competition.

Entrants were given the short film Reunify (Peter Smith & Mette Tange) of about seven minutes, and asked to create a full original score from scratch.

This was my entry.

Soundtrack Cologne 2023Chris Loder
00:00 / 07:07

MACE International Film Festival Jingle

Classmates on my Masters Course who organised a small film festival at the University requested a jingle for the festival, to be shown before each film.

I wrote and produced the backing, and then improvised the main melody on my tenor saxophone and recorded.

The final result is mixed, mastered and finally produced by Mrinal Rajeev.

The video is produced by Anush Venkataraman.

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