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Sheet Music


The Plan

I wrote this piece back in 2017, intending it to be played by my school orchestra plus a few instruments if the players were available.

Unfortunately, school being school, we were not able to get enough people together to rehearse the piece, so I instead uploaded this MIDI version to my YouTube channel.

Audio is exported from Sibelius software.

Apricot Wood

Apricot WoodChris Loder
00:00 / 03:28

I wrote this short ambient piece to upload to a meditation site where I am a teacher.

It features an Armenian Duduk playing over an ambient pad, and the purpose is relaxation for the listener.

Although the track is entirely synthesized, I do own an Armenian Duduk and can play it to a basic extent.

It was certainly insightful trying to recreate the spiritual, mournful sound of the Duduk in a Digital Audio Workstation.

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